Fastrack O72 LH Remote/Command Switch 6-81953

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Product Overview

FasTrack® is designed with a fantastic prototypical look and is easily assembled into an infinite number of designs while providing reliable performance for your trains.

  • Flawless non-derailing function allows trains to keep running regardless of switch position
  • Plug and play using track voltage or auxiliary power
  • Auxiliary power and TMCC™ (ASC and SC-2) terminals are conveniently located under the roadbed base, making all connections invisible from above
  • Realistic illuminated switch lantern
  • Lantern base is interchangeable, can move to the right or left side

This left-hand switch has a turnout for O-72 diameter curves. These are especially useful for routing between two parallel lines of track (use two right-hand or two left-hand switches to do this).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review